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Dangerous Narcotic Overdose Symptoms

Narcotic Overdose Symptoms

Knowing How to Spot Narcotic Overdose Symptoms Is Essential If You Ever Face an Emergency Situation. Learn More.

The opioid crisis is a worldwide issue. According to World Health Organization statistics, 15 million people around th... Read More →

History of Cocaine Addiction

History of Cocaine

This potent drug has been around for hundreds of years: Learn more about the history of Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most powerful drugs we know today. But, if we look a little into the history of Cocaine, we may learn some surprising facts that are not so wel... Read More →

Heroin Withdrawal Help in Lansdale

Heroin Withdrawal Help

Find heroin withdrawal help in Lansdale and get effective treatment in fighting opiate addiction.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin use has been rising in recent years across the board, with increases seen among ... Read More →

Signs of Cocaine Overdose in Lansdale, PA

Signs of Cocaine Overdose

Know the signs of cocaine overdose. Find the right treatment for cocaine addiction at Drug Treatment Centers Lansdale

You have been messing around with cocaine, but is cocaine beginning to mess around with you? Are you starting to experience the negative effects of the drug but are unable to stop using? Do you realize that you can overdos... Read More →

Find out How Lansdale Heroin Addiction Recovery can help

Lansdale Heroin Addiction Recovery

Lansdale Heroin Addiction Recovery can assist you on the Road to Recovery: What is Heroin?

Heroin is extremely addicting, possibly one of the most addicting drugs of them all. Millions and millions of people worldwide are not able to ... Read More →

Lansdale Rehab Programs

Lansdale Drug Rehab Programs

Lansdale Rehab Programs: Inpatient and Outpatient

Realizing the severity of an addiction and making the decision to seek professional help is not always easy for an addict. Some addicts have been fighting addiction for years and feel like there is no hope for change. Regardless if the decision to get clean was made voluntarily or by the c... Read More →

Opiate Withdrawal and Addiction Could Be Helped by $20M CDC Donation

opiate withdrawal lansdale pa The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention granted 16 states with $20 million to combat prescription drug and opioid overdose deaths, as well as opiate withdrawal. The g... Read More →

12 Ways to Support Someone in Recovery

recovery lansdale pa Watching someone battle an addiction can be terrifying and draining. Oftentimes, family and friends feel helpless as their addicted loved one struggles through each stage of their recovery. As supporters on the outside, there is a fine line between being supportive and enabling bad behaviors that landed an addict in rehab in the first place. Trying... Read More →